All video segments in this video are created with templates from Easy Video Templates: Power Pack. More preview below! Note the audio in the previews is not included. 

Easy Video Templates: Power Pack

Easy Video Templates: Power Pack

Easy Video Templates: Power Pack is a collection of over fifty templates (plus bonuses and add-ons) that can be edited both with our Easy Video Lab Lite app (included free) and they can be fully edited Easy Video Lab (formerly Kinetic Text Animator). Easy Video Lab is sold separately. Our Video Joiner app is also included at no additional charge and it allows you to combine videos made from the templates into a longer video and/or add audio. The Power Pack templates are keyworded allowing you to quickly and easily find templates that fit your needs helping you to create awesome, professional videos.

  • Keyword-Searchable Video Templates
  • Free Easy Video Lab Lite
  • Free Video Joiner App
  • Editable in Easy Video Lab (sold separately)
  • Create Professional Videos In Minutes!

Check out the demo video and more preview down below!

Put the templates anywhere you want on your local hard drive, cloud drive, or external drive. Wherever it is easiest for you to find them and best for your computer/storage needs.

Type in a keyword to search for a template. Keywords do not even need to be full words. If you're searching for "Frustrated" you can just type in "frus" and it will still find templates for "frustrated" for you!

Browse the search results for a template that works for you. Rollover the videos to preview them. When you find a template you like, click on "Open Template" to get started making it your own!

Edit the text fields to add your own text. This screenshot shows Ready Go Video Editor (which is included for free), these templates can also be fully edited in Kinetic Text Animator (sold separately).

Combine your personalized video clips with other videos using Video Joiner (included for free). You can even include your own audio! Make a full length video quickly and easily!

Get Your 75+ Templates, Easy Video Lab Lite, Video Joiner, Bonus Assets, And Tutorials Right Now!  Grab Easy Video Templates: Power Pack now!

Easy Video Templates: Power Pack

Template Previews

Note this is not all of the templates included in this Pack. Some templates shown below are provided as a bonus. Also note, some previews have been shot mid-animation and some were cropped at the bottom so that the previews had a consistent size.

Check out the videos below for animated previews of some of the templates! Each preview video below contains 5-10 samples and lasts 1-1.5 minutes. Not all templates are shown. Background music is included for demonstration purposes only.

Bonus Social Media Meme Templates

FULL Personal AND Developer Rights Included!

Questions and Answers

  • Q.Can I use this for client-based projects?

    A.Yes, you get both personal and developer rights with all Easy Video Templates. We very much want you to make money using these templates! Please note that reseller rights are not included, but using these templates for personal and client projects is absolutely what these templates were designed for.

  • Q.Are release forms included for the human models in the templates?

    A.No. The templates were created either from licensed imagery or Creative Commons imagery where the conditions of use were “Free for commercial use” and “No attribution required” but model release forms are not available. If you need model release forms for your clients we recommend that you budget your project for a photo or video shoot where you can acquire those model release forms.

  • Q.Are the apps Mac compatible?

    A.Yes. Both Easy Video Lab Lite and Video Joiner were created on the Mac first and they both work great on the Macintosh OS.

  • Q.Are the Apps Windows compatible?

    A.Yes. Both Easy Video Lab Lite and Video Joiner are compatible with the Windows 64-bit OS. We do not provide Windows 32-bit options. We support Windows 64-bit OSs that Microsoft supports.