Energetic Power Rock Premium EasyTrack

Energetic Power Rock is a high-energy, guitar-driven EasyTrack with a hard rock style that expresses and creates a powerful, high octane, hard-hitting, and inspirational mood. This EasyTrack can be used with Easy Audio Lab (included at no additional cost) to create a variation of the track to match the duration of your video or project. For example, if you have a 3 minute and 45 second video, you can use Easy Audio Lab to build a version of the Energetic Power Rock track that is close to or exactly that duration.

Energetic Power Rock Premium EasyTrack

How It Works:

Yep! It really is THAT easy!

Licensing Information

Your purchase of this EasyTrack gives you full personal and developer rights. This includes the license to use the soundtracks in unlimited videos whether they be for your clients, for yourself, posted on sites like Facebook, Youtube, etc. You can use Easy Audio Lab (link below) to build new variations of the track to whatever duration you desire.

Private Label Rights are not included with this license. You are not licensed to build tracks from any EasyTracks and sell or resell them as standalone soundtrack, audio, music files in any format over any medium.


achievement, advertising, aspiring, catchy, claps, confidence, driving, energy, energetic, excite, extreme, fierce, happy, groove, groovy, heavy, hook, intense, inspirational, inspire, iron, loud, metal, motivational, motor, optimistic, positive, potent, powerful, raw, robust, rock, spark, sports, strong, stylish, travel, vocal, vocal hook, vocals, wild

Questions & Answers

  • q-iconCan I use these soundtracks for my commercial and client projects?

    Yes. The tracks you create from EasyTracks with Easy Audio Lab can be used in personal and commercial projects. You get a royalty-free commercial and personal license for use in unlimited projects. Private Label Rights are not included.

  • q-iconWhat operating systems does Easy Audio Lab work on?

    Easy Audio Lab is Mac and Windows 64-bit compatible.

  • q-iconCan I use my own soundtracks with Easy Audio Lab?

    Easy Audio Lab needs soundtracks to be precisely formatted in order to do it’s magic. Only EasyTracks will work with Easy Audio Lab at this time.

  • q-iconIs there a minimum or maximum length for soundtracks created by Easy Audio Lab?

    Each EasyTrack contains at least loops of a specific duration and an outro which would tend to dictate the minimum duration. If the EasyTrack includes an intro, that will also need to be included. We do include Fade in, Fade out, and Fade to a cut features to assist you in getting the soundtrack as close as possible to the necessary duration. There might be a functional limit to the length of a soundtrack based on your system resources. Tracks set to a high number of minutes can take longer to generate.